This book is for teens—and it’s filled with tips to help them understand, prevent, manage, and eliminate procrastination. There are 28 BUTS (or reasons why kids procrastinate), including having too much to do, being distracted, laziness, not wanting to take risks, being disorganized, confusion, lacking confidence, and more… Kids will find out how to bust their BUTS! They will learn how to use time wisely, confront challenges, and become more successful.

Plus there’s lots of helpful information on time management, motivators, and ways to be productive. An informative, reader-friendly, and valuable resource, this is the book that procrastinators have been waiting for!

Heads-up for parents and teachers—in Bust Your BUTS you will discover lots of ideas for encouraging and supporting the kids in your lives! Yes, they have to learn about accountability and responsibility, but they may need some help along the way. This book is a handy reference guide for adults who seek to offer reassurance and guidance, and who want to acquire strategies for addressing procrastination—for their kids—and perhaps even themselves.

BFA Silver Award WinnerBust Your BUTS was acclaimed the winner of the 2018 Independent Book Publishers Association’s Silver Benjamin Franklin Award™ in the category of Teen: Nonfiction (13-18 years). The Benjamin Franklin Awards are important within and beyond the publishing industry. There are over 50 categories, and award recipients exemplify excellence in such areas as professional standards, top-notch content, and creative design. To find out more about the IBPA’s 30 year history, and to see the complete list of winners, please visit their website here.

Reviews for BUST YOUR BUTS:

Joanne Foster Ed.D. is an author with a heart for helping procrastinators. She fathoms many reasons that teens give for “putting things off”. She unpacks the varying issues which could lie behind this behaviour. Her book is easy to read. Her explanations are clear. Her examples are taken from the everyday teenage world. Her book is aptly peppered with quotes which resonate with her readers.

I recommend Bust Your BUTS as a well-crafted resource tool for teens (and others) who want to increase their understanding of procrastination and increase their productivity.

As I started to write the review for this wonderful book, I had to first clean up my family room. I can’t work in a messy environment. Then I again skimmed through all my notes and reread many passages. Oh! I forgot that I was out of milk, so I ran to the store.

You see, it isn’t only teens who procrastinate! We all do it. I have the advantage of KNOWING that I procrastinate just before I write, and I place that knowledge in the process. Bust Your Buts is a perfect book for teens. The first stanza of Dr. Foster’s poem also says:

This book is for kids
To keep on their shelves
Adults who read it
Just might see themselves!

The title, Bust Your Buts is very clever because the book is a collection of “BUTS, also known as avoidance tendencies.” We all say “but” as excuses for what we can’t or don’t want to do.

Introduction: This explains how the book is helpful. It is very casual to appeal to teens. Dr. Foster is very personal and friendly and inviting.

Chapter 1: About Procrastination “Procrastination involves putting things off.”

Chapter one talks about how complex procrastination is. Sometimes procrastination is due to conflicts, and so Dr. Foster has steps for avoiding conflict: Calm down, Communicate, Cooperate, Compromise, and Consider. The five C’s!

Chapter 2: Personal Reasons

The lists for each of the following categories are so specific, so exact, and so applicable to all, that copies of this book should be in every classroom—perhaps in every teen’s desk!!

  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you have too much to do.
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you just don’t care
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you are bored
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate due to a lack of self-confidence
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you are fearful
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you fear success
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because your feelings interfere
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because of perfectionism
  • TIPs for when you procrastinate because you aren’t feeling well
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you’re confused
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you’re lazy
  • TIPS for when you procrastinate because you want the BIG picture

Continuing to list TIPS, Chapter 3 addresses Skill-Related Reasons for Procrastination, Chapter 4 addresses External Reasons for Procrastination, and Chapter 5 is called But What If…? and talks about what to do if all else fails.

All chapters will appeal to our teens, especially those who like to know “why,” but they will also fascinate teachers and other adults. Dr. Foster is very knowledgeable and has a high-powered reputation, yet she can get right down to the essence of meaning and appeals to the reader with her sense of humor and an ability to get to the heart of the matter.

Run to buy Bust Your Buts by Dr. Joanne Foster. It would make terrific gifts for teens, their parents, their teachers…and anyone who wants TIPS for procrastination!

Great resource for kids and adults!

Bust Your BUTS is an easy to read book with practical ideas on how to help people of all ages to become motivated and get things done. Don’t procrastinate. Buy it now!

An outstanding book that provides teens with practical strategies that they can use to overcome procrastination and change their lives! Dr. Foster has provided an extensive number of relatable examples to help teens move forward and accomplish their goals. A thoroughly enjoyable read, and a perfect accompaniment to the well-received parent/teacher book “Not Now, Maybe Later”

Bust Your BUTS is a rich resource that teaches teens how to get themselves unstuck when they procrastinate. Dr. Foster makes sense of the reasons why we procrastinate and compassionately creates awareness around these unspoken obstacles to productivity. She avoids blame and opens the door for lasting change by providing valuable insights and offering simple tips to move her readers forward. Filled with encouragement and practical steps, Bust Your BUTS empowers teens to find what drives them to where they want to go in life.

Joanne Foster has written yet another book that will help teachers, parents, and very interested individuals deal with one of those problems that befuddle, baffle and bewilder us all- procrastination. And she is one of those few authors who take a multi-modal approach to the problem, because let’s face it- there ARE sometimes good personal reasons for procrastinating, good external reasons for putting things off, and robust reasons for delaying those insipid things that need to be done!  If you want to be more productive, get things done – and get your kids and students to ” get er done” – then pick up a copy of this book – without delay.

All teens will enjoy this quick, light, practical guide to overcoming procrastination. Whether they delay what needs to be done only on occasion or make a regular habit of it, they will find that Joanne Foster has come to the rescue with great tips to
inspire, motivate and most important, break free of procrastination. Easy to read, understand and apply, the strategies in Bust Your Buts will be appreciated for a lifetime.

Sensible solutions for all different types of procrastinators.  This book is full of the right skills and resources to address procrastination. A must-have for teens—and educators and parents. It is such a usable guide that anyone could use it effectively.

Joanne Foster has created a comprehensive list of the reasons for procrastinating, and practical steps for how to address each one. She has struck just the right tone for teens—not talking down, but treating them like intelligent and capable beings, and brooking no nonsense in tackling the problem. The book is well organized for a start-to- finish read or a quick reference for a particular issue, and comes with a helpful bibliography and a thorough list of endnotes. Finally, she has remained optimistic throughout and sends a clear message that “Yes, you can overcome this!”

Brilliant! Surgically presented and packed with concrete information. Dr. Joanne Foster finally gives procrastination the breadth of respect and appreciation it direly demands. Essential text for teenagers, and for every Emotional Literacy educator—teachers, therapists, life coaches & parents!

Bust your BUTS is just the book we’ve been waiting for!

Full of tips and pointers, this book is immediately useful to teens who ruminate over the myriad reasons to avoid starting that project. Joanne Foster has pinpointed many of the common reasons why teens procrastinate. With compassionate understanding, the author acknowledges the difficulties of the ‘BUTS’ and then expertly addresses these concerns with tips that are ‘doable’ in a step-by-step manner. Interspersed with fitting quotes, Bust your BUTS is written in a language and practical format that will be easily implemented by teens (and their parents)!

Helpful strategies highlight the importance of building skills such as time management and organization. In addition, this book considers factors such as motivation, and harnessing one’s personal strengths, alongside beneficial sources of information for additional supports. This is a book I would highly recommend to students, parents and educators.

Finally! Some practical advice to help teens who are stymied by procrastination. Dr. Foster explains why they procrastinate, and what they can do about it. Bust Your BUTS is a very practical guide to help teens achieve success in high school and beyond by “working smarter not faster.” The structure of the book is excellent. It’s easy to read, and being able to flip around the book BY DESIGN without a chronological approach, is user friendly. There’s a wide variety of inspirational quotes, and plenty of useful advice to help students take responsibility. Every teen should read this book!

For anyone who procrastinates, you will find yourself among the pages of this informative book. Bust Your BUTS will offer you strategies and resources to help you understand and cope when procrastination gets in your way.

USE THIS BOOK! We all know the “buts” because we fall back on them all the time. What this book provides are the “tips.” They are realistic, practical, and easy to follow. Don’t procrastinate. Read this book today.

Bust Your BUTS offers the reader a comprehensive review of the many factors that contribute to procrastination in teens, and provides detailed strategies to manage barriers that interfere with task completion. The book is organized to allow the reader to delve into a detailed analysis of procrastination or to skip content and go directly to specific tips. Although written for teens, parents and educators will benefit from the information and tools offered in this book.

This should be mandatory reading for every teen at the beginning of high school. In fact, if this guide were to be expanded into an entire course, we would see more of an increase in successful people believing in themselves, and a decrease in the teen-anxiety we hear so much about.

This book literally puts the harness in kids’ hands, and teaches them to ride! It is more about discovering and knowing oneself rather than “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” (although I love the “Don’ts” guide at the end). It’s about nurturing growth, and encouraging thinking outside of perceived limitations.

I just know Bust Your BUTS is going to be transformational for adults AND teens. The easy-to-absorb format is thoughtfully and concisely presented, making it an effective and useful resource to which people can refer easily when needed. It is unique and effective in presenting meaningful strategies for taking control of actions, attitudes, and energy well spent. It develops responsibility, builds self-esteem, and teaches kids how to construct perspectives for their own success. The inspiring quotes reinforce what the author is teaching: instead of procrastinating—or being overwhelmed by a large task—deconstruct, categorize, prioritize, and persevere.

Another monumental achievement from Joanne Foster.

I thought the book was very well written and insightful. It definitely helped me, as I procrastinate a lot. I like the concept and ideas of Bust Your BUTS.

Bust Your BUTS is written for teenagers, but I found that it really inspired me as an adult (and teacher). This book is full of excellent reminders and strategies to help eliminate procrastination for myself, my children, and my students. It is easy to read and well organized. The quotes that are embedded in the book from other authors and famous figures make the book so real to life. Teaching self-regulation is a passion of mine, and developing a growth mindset is a definite key to overcoming procrastination. Bust Your BUTS is full of practical strategies like these that will help kids stop procrastinating.

I love this book! Joanne Foster’s book, Bust Your BUTS is like having a personal coach walking through steps to help teens overcome procrastination. The conversational tone makes this book an easy read. It is chock-full of strategies but more importantly, Joanne Foster takes a deep dive in looking why procrastination occurs. Without understanding the “why” it’s difficult to implement the solutions with commitment and conviction. She does this so well throughout the entire book. Not only will this book help teens but should be a must read for parents, guardians and teachers!

Bust Your Buts is the second book written by Dr. Joanne Foster about procrastination, with this book, unlike her first, being aimed at teenagers and children. As a teenager who procrastinates myself, this book was extremely helpful. Throughout, it helps identify different reasons for procrastinating, or buts, and lists many practical ways to overcome them. Though not all of these reasons for procrastinating were relevant to me, there were plenty that I could relate to, and the advice was easily applied into my life. Some examples of ‘buts’ include having too much to do, being afraid to fail and simply not wanting to carry out the necessary tasks. Many gifted children and teenagers experience these challenges, and often procrastinate over the more important, boring or challenging tasks so that they don’t have to face them. Overall, this book is great for dipping into and finding out what your buts are, and is a useful tool for any procrastinator. I’m going to continue using the methods in this book to stop my procrastination… starting next week.

I read this book before giving it to my nephew and niece to read. I learned a lot that reinforced what I already know. The advice was good and it was told in a humorous manner. This book was so right, so intuitively correct.

Dr. Joanne Foster has written a user-friendly guide to help teenagers who want to be more effective and successful. Bust Your Buts is directed at teens, but it’s helpful for anyone who has trouble getting their act together, or isn’t as productive as they’d like to be. It explores reasons we procrastinate–too much to do, trouble managing distractions, risk-avoidance, confidence problems, and lots more–and describes ways to power through those reasons to happy productivity.

ANOTHER wonderful book from a trusted expert. BUT this book should be a must-read for tweens and teens. It offers a variety of sensible, practical guidelines on how to work through any excuses, manage the process and ultimately, succeed. It takes a community to raise a child, and I would recommend this book to anyone who cares about offering some strong solutions to the children in their lives. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, educators. What are you waiting for????