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Ignite Your Ideas:

Creativity For Kids

BY Dr. Joanne Foster

Discover why creativity matters, how it develops, how to nurture it, how family members can support one another, what to do if creativity is a struggle, and what’s needed most for creativity to ignite from within the recesses of the mind—and beyond.

Age range 12-17 years
(For families, too!)

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas: Creativity For Kids

By Dr. Joanne Foster

Published by Gifted Unlimited

This is NOT another craft book. It IS bursting with ideas designed to fuel possibilities—glimmers, flashes, intentions, inventions, and collaborations—through the arts, technology, science, and other domains. Ignite Your Ideas is about finding and seizing diverse opportunities for learning, fulfillment, and creative expression. It includes countless suggestions for initiating, participating in, sharing, and building upon activities.

Ignite Your Ideas is conveniently formatted. The chapters can be read consecutively or not, but the book culminates with detailed descriptions of 100 sure-fire ways to spark creativity across many different areas of interest (alongside tips for organizing and optimizing these ways).

Dr. Foster also provides current resources, thought-provoking quotes, a mini-glossary, surprising avenues of discovery, reassurances, and other helpful information that will ignite meaningful and imaginative ideas! It will entice kids to extend their curiosity and ability levels; explore the wonders of the world; and become happily creative at home, school, and elsewhere.

In the same way that the author’s award-winning book Bust Your BUTS shines a light on procrastination and energize kids (and adults), Ignite Your Ideas enlightens young readers, and motivates them, too. The pages are ablaze with strategies that generate exciting, accessible choices, and joyful creative experiences for kids and their families.

“Just when it seemed that our “end-product-is-everything” world had lost sight of the true essence of creativity, Joanne Foster provides a pathway for children to observe, think and LIVE creatively. Ignite Your Ideas: Creativity for Kids is a reunion for children and their imaginations; promising lifelong understanding, accessibility, and expressive freedom. There is no better medicine. “

Tina Harlow
Child & Family Therapist & Founder of Guiding Bright and the World Hope Project

“Wonder, imagination, effort, and choice accelerate creativity. The author’s suggestions for all this—and more—will inspire readers to get creating!”

Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D.
Cognitive scientist, podcaster, and co-author and author of several books including “Wired to Create” and “Transcend”

“Ignite Your Ideas is full of surprising insights into what creativity actually is, and how anyone can decide to be creative. This book is a kid-friendly resource that might just be life-changing for kids who haven’t yet found a way to make their own kind of magic. (NOTE: Parents can learn interesting stuff from this book too!)”

Dona Matthews, PhD
Developmental psychologist, and co-author and author of several books including “Imperfect Parenting”

“Ignite your Ideas is a nurturing book, full of valuable information. Joanne Foster provides a plethora of approaches, calling on people, words, ideas, prompts, and suggestions to help readers become more creative. She promotes creative thinking, problem solving, and cognitive skills for kids—and for adults, too. A wonderful book to help us all delve more proactively into our creative selves.”

Michael F. Shaughnessy, PhD
Professor, author of “Women Scientists Who Changed the World,” and editor of Journal of Gifted Education and Creativity

“I’m very excited about your book because your voice is full of genuine care, pragmatism, and balance, which is rare nowadays.”

Milena Z. Fisher, PhD
Co-founder and editor of The Creativity Post

“Ignite Your Ideas is packed with inspiring quotes, insightful guidance, and playful strategies. Joanne Foster’s creativity shines through with her use of language, and her many unique suggestions for creative projects, adventures, and explorations. This is a warm-hearted, engaging look at creativity for teens and their families. It will keep curious kids sparkling for days! Highly recommended.”

Paula Prober, PhD
Author of “Your Rainforest Mind” and “Saving Your Rainforest Mind”

“Joanne Foster’s book on creativity has a nurturing tone. Her words leave one feeling safe and secure to explore, experiment, dream, and act on hopes. Hers is a warm hand on your shoulder. This is so much more than a book about creativity. Yes, it’s practical—with 100 ways to kindle creative flames, ignite passions, and spark brilliance, complete with suggested organization methods to support discovery—but, in the end, it’s a gentle guide to life and fulfillment.”

Mark Hess
Teacher, and author of several books including “I Used to Be Gifted”

“Ignite Your Ideas speaks to children in a way that opens possibilities and wonder, inspiring them to look both within and at the world around them. Dr. Foster empowers children to be courageous, self-advocate, be aware of their emotions, and embrace change. Packed with ideas and strategies, this book teaches, encourages, and motivates children to live creative lives, full of growth and adventure.”

Dan Peters, PhD
Psychologist, podcaster, author of “Make Your Worrier a Warrior” and co-author of “Boosting Your Child’s Natural Creativity”

“Joanne Foster inspires, encourages, and suggests surprising pathways to being creative, even if you think you are not. She delivers a toolbox of insight and skills to help children thrive in imaginative and fun ways. Do your children and yourself a huge favor—read it.”

Susan Newman, PhD
Author of “Little Things Long Remembered”

“A tone of vitality pulsates through her book as Joanne Foster taps into this life source of energy. Anchored in wonder and gratitude, curiosity and resilience, her creativity abounds. Her 100 sure-fire ways to ignite creativity offer ideas for kids and families to initiate vivacity and fresh originality into everyday life.”

Gloria van Donge
Author of “The Gifted Kid Book Series”

“A highly engaging book addressing the awesomeness and freedom of living life through the lens of creativity. The book presents a scaffolding to guide children to find their own paths. Creativity becomes a profound journey existing within every child. The book provides inspirational quotes from creativity scholars, and poses prompts and direction to ignite wonder. End of chapter summaries help solidify concepts. Highly recommend. It really is such a great book!”

Marianne Kuzujanakis, MD, MPH
Pediatrician, and co-author of “Misdiagnosis”

“As an abstract painter, I’m constantly seeking inspiration and different ways to renew my creativity. The ideas in this book are fresh and exciting, and they will inspire kids AND adults. The author encourages readers to find and embrace possibilities and to express themselves creatively. “Ignite Your Ideas” is motivating and relevant, and it will spark the imagination of anyone wishing to reap the joyous benefits of living life creatively.”

Rina Gottesman
Award-winning contemporary artist

“Impressively researched but practically focused, Dr. Foster’s newest book is a go-to handbook for inspiring and sustaining creativity, written for children, youth and those who support them. This work is filled with motivating quotes and wit, supplemented by additional resources, and best of all, chock-full of workable strategies and idea-starters. No matter what form creativity takes, this book provides great support…Brava!”

Colleen Willard-Holt, Ph.D.
Faculty of Education Professor Emerita

“WOW, WOW, WOW. It is AWESOME!! There are so many things I love about this book! The way the author weaves a wide range of relevant examples into a coherent whole is truly inspiring. Readers of all ages will enjoy the accessible style and text. In her friendly, engaging style, Dr. Foster offers a variety of current and historical examples, thorough explanations, practical strategies, and helpful resources that will appeal to young people and all those who support them.”

Jaime Malic, PhD
Teacher and leadership program coordinator, St. Clement’s School, Toronto

IGNITE YOUR IDEAS – Abbreviated Table of Contents

Section One: The Light You Kindle p. 1

  • Chapter One:
    Why Is Creativity Important for Kids? (And Adults, Too!) p. 3
  • Chapter Two:
    How Does Creativity Develop? Questions and Answers p. 15
  • Chapter Three:
    Seize the Sizzle—Choice, Challenge, Connections, and Change (Plus Three More Sparks) p. 39

Section Two: The Glow You Nurture p. 57

  • Chapter Four:
    Creativity and Everyday Family Life (It’s Not Just Arts and Crafts) p. 59
  • Chapter Five:
    Do You Struggle with Creativity? Reasons and Remedies p. 71
  • Chapter Six:
    Feel the Burn! What Are the Best Environments for Creativity? p. 87
  • Chapter Seven:
    Agency and Effort! (Huh?) p. 91

Section Three: The Blaze You Choose p. 103

  • Chapter Eight:
    100 Sure-fire Strategies to Ignite Your Creativity p. 105
    Illuminating Resources and References: You Can Be Creative! p. 143
    About the Author p. 159


By Dr. Joanne Foster

“Creativity involves a little mystery and a sense of surprise. There’s excitement, astonishment, and delight. Creativity is something you feel, embrace, express, stretch, and enjoy. It’s a decision that can help you see fresh possibilities for tackling everyday challenges, and to become happier. Creativity is an outlet for your imagination and curiosity, and for the wonder that lies within your soul.” P.4
“Being creative is about seeking, finding, and grasping opportunities to be original and to go to the next level in whatever you choose to do. …It’s about welcoming ideas as they come to mind—ideas that may slowly simmer or briskly boil, or that may be silly, sudden, suspicious, or scientific.” P.5
“What’s important about embracing creativity is that it’s an expression of the self. It’s part of who you are, and it’s a springboard to who you will become tomorrow, and all the tomorrows after that. The more often you make the choice to invite creativity into your life, the more you’ll enrich your possibilities for the future.” P.6
“Creativity empowers us to deepen and broaden our thinking, and to find means of tackling difficulties and adjusting to uncertainty. …A creative vibe complements knowledge. Creativity brings new perspectives to light, helps people surmount obstacles, and enables them to envision and try unusual ways of doing things.” P.31
“Parents, grandparents, mentors, teachers, coaches, and instructors can help you find and accelerate your momentum—but in the whole scheme of things, you alone must want to reach out toward the immensity of possibilities that lie both within and beyond your imagination. You are your own best “provocateur” (teacher, cheer- leader, agent for change), and the choice to develop your creativity ultimately and forever lies with you.” P.36
“The wider the range of opportunities available in the environment in which you find yourself—or choose to extend—over the course of your life, the greater the likelihood that you’ll discover and take part in meaningful creative experiences. And, thereby set your world ablaze!” P. 89

100 Sure-fire Ideas… Here are three samples…

32. Surprise someone! Do something nice but totally unexpected. Don’t get too fussed about artistry or technique; it doesn’t have to be anything jaw-dropping. Just focus on the interaction, and the way your creativity and thoughtfulness can strengthen the relationship.
59. Create a book-lending centre. It’s like a little library—the books are free for the taking. You can design and build a small “house” or a showcase to feature the free books, and then place it on the lawn where anyone can take the reading material, or add their own. You can find out more here: https://littlefreelibrary.org/start/build-a-little-free-library/ This is a great way to share or exchange books and strengthen neighbourhood connections.
86. Be a fan of fans. People have used hand-held folding fans for centuries to keep cool, for ceremonial purposes, as elegant accessories, to whisk away pesky flies, and to improve air circulation. Fans can be made from paper, lace, wood, cardboard, plastic, or other materials. They can be created in different sizes, and they’re often pleated, and beautifully painted. A fan can also be framed and hung on a wall as original artwork. The history of fans is long and fascinating (you can check it out!), and the various styles and cultural influences are wide-ranging. You can make a simple fan using paper—just fold and decorate. Or you can exercise further creativity and design one that’s more elaborate. It’s a fun activity, plus a fan comes in very handy in hot weather so it makes a fan-tastic gift.

Ignite Your Ideas – Back Cover


Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert

Ignite Your Ideas | by Dr. Joanne Foster, Author, Gifted Education Expert


What is the target audience for this book?

Ignite Your Ideas is especially well-suited for kids 12 and older—although younger kids will also enjoy finding out about creativity and how to ignite it, and they’ll be excited about the many ideas. The book is ideal for families who want to discover and engage in creative activities together, and it’s great for educators who are looking for invigorating program offerings for their students.

What is the main focus of this book?

Ignite Your Ideas is about kindling creativity—and this can happen anywhere, anytime, and in lots of different ways. Creative expression can be fun, energizing, and thought-provoking. Dr. Foster uses humor, relatable examples, interesting quotes, and lots of acquired knowledge as she conveys why creativity matters, how it develops, how family members can inspire one another’s creativity, and how to overcome struggles with creative expression. Most importantly, the author reveals LOADS of ideas for sparking creativity at home, school, or elsewhere!

How many pages are there in this book?

There are 161 pages in Ignite Your Ideas.

Why is Dr. Foster qualified to have written this book?

Dr. Foster has taught countless students about creativity in various settings including in classrooms, university level teacher-training programs, online webinars, and conference venues. She wrote segments for The Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent, and she has an ongoing column at The Creativity Post (with a compendium of approximately 100 articles). She writes about creativity in all her books—for example, as it relates to child development, giftedness, the arts, motivation, learning environments, and intelligence-building. Dr. Foster embraces creativity in her own writing, and in the context of her day-to-day life.

What supplementary resources can readers find within this

Ignite Your Ideas has a three-part optional organizational component to help readers categorize and jumpstart creative inclinations. There are many links and references to books, articles, online places and platforms, and other sources of information; a list of people whose words are quoted; and a mini-glossary of terms. Each chapter concludes with a Top Take-Aways section.

What kinds of reviews has this book received?

The editorial reviews are excellent, containing words like “empowers,” and “engages, and “inspires” and “highly recommended.” One review states, “Packed with ideas and strategies, this book teaches, encourages, and motivates children to live creative lives, full of growth and adventure.” Kirkus Review captures the intent, feel, and format of the book, calling it “compelling, ”and noting that “Foster speaks to young readers in these pages, and uses illustrative quotes and examples from a wide array of figures,” and that “the book’s overall tone is down-to-earth and easygoing.” Many other review comments can be seen by clicking on the “Reviews” tab, and by checking out the “Kirkus Review” tab on the Ignite Your Ideas book page on this website.

Are there any illustrations or charts in this book?

There are two black and white photos (on pages 7 and 88), and three “organizational approaches” charts (for those who chose to use these) on pages 106 – 107.

How can I see samples of the content of this book?

There is an “Excerpts” tab on the Ignite Your Ideas book page on this

Is there a book club guide or other online material that
supplements this book?

Dr. Foster has been asked to create a book club/resource guide for families who wish to use Ignite Your Ideas in various capacities, and she is planning to do so. Creativity adds wonderful dimensions to learning, playing, sharing, and appreciating the wonders of the world, and supplementary material on this can be found within her articles—most notably at The Creativity Post online.

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