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Wrestling with Creativity


Creativity can be fun, exciting, motivating, and help you solve thorny problems.
However, some kids find it difficult to “be creative” or to do things in an imaginative way.

When Creativity is Difficult or Elusive…

What if you experience self-doubt about doing something creative in one or more areas? What can you do?
You could start by pausing to collect your thoughts, and by thinking about what you know, and what you can do well. You could figure out how you might apply the knowledge, strengths, or skills that you already have, and polish or extend them in a new or innovative way—taking just one step, and then possibly continuing onward. You could share your uncertainty and your ideas, and collaborate with family and friends, and ask for their support, assistance, or guidance. You could reflect upon times you’ve succeeded before (and why), and how you might rekindle those sparks. You could focus on staying calm because creativity is largely about fresh originality, and there’s no pre-set right or wrong, and no limits to possibilities. You could stop comparing yourself to others, or fretting if what you do is not exemplary or exact, or might even seem peculiar.

Just be your own best self!

A Few Challenges… And What to Do…

Uncertainty, and a lack of confidence in some area(s), can emerge in the context of various reasons why kids sometimes struggle with creativity. Challenges that can lead to struggles include the following: scrutiny, being stuck in a rut, impatience, complexity, simplicity, embarrassment, distractions, lack of provisions, little or no progress, and perceived risk.

It makes good sense to stay alert to these possibilities. Take careful note of whatever jumps out as a possible reason for being less creative than you might otherwise be. And, be proactive. Consider different approaches and step-by-step solutions to resolve difficulties you might be experiencing, to gain confidence, and to increase your creativity.

Creativity is a choice. YOUR choice.

You can unleash your mind, positivity, imagination, spirit, and potential!

Author’s Note on Reasons and Remedies:

In Chapter 5 of Ignite Your Ideas I discuss many reasons why kids sometimes have difficulty with creativity. I also offer plentiful suggestions to help kids troubleshoot and overcome issues that can short-circuit their creative endeavors. See pages 73-83 to discover how to get past roadblocks, kindle creativity, and ignite ideas.

Dr. Joanne Foster

Dr. Joanne Foster, an acclaimed author and educator, has dedicated over 35 years to gifted education and child development. With expertise in psychology and special education, her work empowers parents and educators, fostering creativity and high-level learning in children and teens. Dr. Foster has written countless articles, and several books—the most recent being Ignite Your Ideas: Creativity for Kids.

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