Not now maybe later book cover

Great Potential Press
Paperback | 448 Pages
ISBN: 978-1935067269


This book is written for parents and teachers as a guide to understanding procrastination, primarily in children, and to provide tips for helping children develop skills to improve their productivity. Procrastination relates to many important aspects of life, including success and failure, school-related and other activities, an individual’s thoughts and feelings, and motivation. Not Now, Maybe Later provides lots of straight-forward strategies to use (now, not later).

Not Now, Maybe Later is geared for adults, however teens may also find that by reading the material they are better able to understand and address their procrastination tendencies or avoidance behaviour. And, the award-winning book Bust Your BUTS: Tips for Teens Who Procrastinate is also filled with hundreds of practical ideas!


Procrastination is everywhere, like kudzu and athlete’s foot, and, as Joanne Foster makes clear in this original and thoroughly readable book, it’s not always unjustified. But helping parents and other care-givers understand why kids engage in it, and what grownups can do to mitigate it, makes for a terrific addition to the shelf of child-rearing counsel. May we adults not procrastinate in following it!

Most people who are capable of excellence don’t realize what’s possible because their procrastination, perfectionism, and fear of failure constantly gets in the way of action and performance. Not Now, Maybe Later is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, managers, and yourself. Don’t procrastinate another moment and learn various strategies to get the best out of yourself and others.

Joanne Foster has written a parent-friendly text to help take us into the delaying, and sometimes delivering mind of the procrastinating child or teen—who just went to the web or found some other way to put things off because the Procrastinators Club meeting was postponed. Don’t delay—get a copy ASAP! You’ll enjoy it!

In her lively, engaging style, Dr. Foster points out we all procrastinate–some more than others, in different ways, and at different times. This book offers parents and their children positive, practical insights on procrastination, what it feels like, where it comes from and how to work through it. It’s a valuable resource to those challenged by procrastination or just curious about it.

Foster takes a broader view of the topic, asking whether procrastination is a way of being or a way of doing, and affirming that there are sometimes good reasons to put things off. She shows how the strategies and ideas in Not Now, Maybe Later apply to adults as well as kids, describing the benefits for children when their parents work on their own procrastination habits, and share their progress and setbacks with their kids. Illustrated throughout with thoughtful quotes, helpful checklists, and extensive lists of ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts.

Excellent and much needed resource and highly timely for multiple exciting reasons….Time management is a critical skill that benefits from quality information and dynamic education. Not Now, Maybe Later delivers both, establishing Joanne Foster as a premier Life Skills coach for modern parents. If you are one of the millions of modern day homes in which time management is a source of stress, Not Now, Maybe Later is the solution!

Joanne Foster has put procrastination in its place! Her fascinating and unique presentation of the myriad causes and solutions of this common habit gives parents all the tools they need to help themselves and their kids overcome it once and for all. This is a book every parent will want to read!