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Is Experience the Key to Learning and Creative Expression?

Find out why and how experience has a bearing on children’s development—and discover many experiential strategies to help kids flourish.


Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Do you agree?

As the school year continues to unfold, here are three things for parents to ponder:

  1. Experience is an adventure. It is unique to the individual, and it is often unscripted.
  2. Experience is a teacher. It helps enrich the mind and strengthen the soul.
  3. Experience is unavoidable. It evolves, in some form or another and whether we’re aware of it or not, from cradle to crypt.

Past experiences are formative.

But what about the future?

Experience can unlock possibilities and pave the way for progress. Growth and fulfilment happen when people embark on new experiences. These can happen anywhere, any time. Experiences provide a context for learning, including helping children understand their abilities, thoughts, feelings, limitations, preferences, challenges, and other dimensions of life.


“Combine a sense of commitment with the longing to succeed, then build upon proficiencies, venture out on a limb, and voila!” ~ ABCs of Raising Smarter Kids, P. 38

How can parents support children’s motivation, and foster their engagement in new and optimal learning experiences? Here are several considerations:

Dr. Joanne Foster

Dr. Joanne Foster, an acclaimed author and educator, has dedicated over 35 years to gifted education and child development. With expertise in psychology and special education, her work empowers parents and educators, fostering creativity and high-level learning in children and teens.

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