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This book is for teens—and it’s filled with tips to help them understand, prevent, manage, and eliminate procrastination. There are 28 BUTS (or reasons why kids procrastinate), including having too much to do, being distracted, laziness, not wanting to take risks, being disorganized, confusion, lacking confidence, and more… Kids will find out how to bust their BUTS! They will learn how to tap their strengths, confront challenges, and become more successful.

Plus there’s lots of helpful information on time management, motivators, and ways to be productive. An informative, reader-friendly, and valuable resource, this is the book that procrastinators have been waiting for!

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Published by Great Potential Press, 2017


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Other books by Dr. Joanne Foster

Not Now, Maybe Later helps parents and teachers understand why children procrastinate, and what to do about it. Chapters are organized around specific areas of focus such as expectations; different age levels; goal-setting; power struggles about messiness, chores, and homework; motivation, and more. There are hundreds of practical ideas to help children and teens overcome tendencies to procrastinate. (And, the strategies apply to adults, too!)

Beyond Intelligence is an informative resource for busy parents. Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster discuss how intelligence develops, and describe how parents can offer children and teens a healthy balance of challenge and support. Using quizzes, checklists, and examples from decades of work with families and teachers, the authors reveal how to nurture creativity, curiosity, resilience, and good work habits so kids can be happily productive.

The award-winning Being Smart about Gifted Education, co-authored by Drs. Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster, is a comprehensive book written to help teachers and parents understand and effectively address the diverse and domain-specific needs of gifted/high-ability learners. The authors demonstrate how to provide the kinds of educational experiences that each child needs at a particular time in order to succeed.

About the Author, Joanne Foster, ED.D.

Joanne Foster, Ed.D., is a parent, teacher, gifted education specialist, university instructor, educational consultant, and award-winning author who has worked in the field of gifted education for over 30 years. She conducts teacher-training workshops, gives presentations to educators and parent organizations in local, national, online, and international forums, and serves on advisory committees concerning children’s education and optimal development.

For more resources, check out and Dr. Foster’s online column “Fostering Kids’ Success” at The Creativity Post.

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