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Articles featured in “First Time Parent Magazine

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* No Place Like Home: Nurturing Children’s Emotional Well-being and Learning (+Resources!) (May 2020)

* Reassuring Young Children During the COVID-19 Outbreak (April 2020)

Kindling Kindness (March 2020)

Cultivate a Love of Reading (January 2020)

Learning: What Do Parents Need to Know? (November 2019)

Early Learning Essentials (September 2019)

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Some of Dr. Foster’s Other Publications

* Coping with COVID-19: The Silver Lining (Neighbours of Forest Hill Magazine)

“… a way of thinking fueled by optimism, togetherness, and commitment, and a way of doing that is borne of necessity.” Read on to find out more.

* Front-Runners

“The best way forward is one that instills confidence, enabling a child to see the big picture beyond the here and now, and the power of possibilities across the horizon.”

Please visit GHF Dialogue for the entire article.

Parenting Gifted Learners

Wrestling with uncertainties and misconceptions?

Here is some information to help clarify understandings for parents who want to know more about gifted-level development, or who struggle with understandings about gifted education…

Please visit Parent Guide News for the entire article.

Procrastination: Realities and Remedies

Check out this informative article! It provides parents with lots of tips to help children understand and deal with procrastination and task avoidance.

Please visit Parent Guide News for the entire article.

Fostering a Love of Learning (Child Guide Magazine)

How can parents model a love of learning? And, how can children fortify their own learning?
This article offers 20 strategic tips!

Relevant Articles and Links

Here is newly compiled list of 30 up-to-date and relevant articles. Each one addresses an important topic. These articles contain links to additional resources that provide information and support for parents and educators, so be sure to check for references and hyperlinks that lead to websites, books, blogs, and other related material.

COVID-19 Outbreak – Additional Helpful Resources for Parents and Teachers

Originally Posted Material–Still Very Relevant!